Welcome to the CO2 Global Climate Managed Account Program. This fundraising website is an ethically minded and environmentally friendly investment focused on the worldwide reduction of greenhouse gases, acid rain and carbon emissions.

The Program is currently available as an individually managed account which is ideal for those investors seeking a greater level of transparency.

The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 was instrumental in providing world leaders with the first workable formula to combat the effects of global warming. This fund is comitted to work within the parameters of the Kyoto Protocol and government mandated regulation.

The program will focus its attention on exchange traded products which allow greater flexibility and visibility for order execution. While constantly evolving, the primary list of tradeable products are listed as follows:

  • EUA – European Emission Allowances;
  • CER – Certified Emission Reduction Credits;
  • VER – Voluntary Emission Reductions (country specific);
  • CFI  – Carbon Financial Instruments;
  • SOx – Sulphur Emissions;
  • NOx – Nitrogen Emissions;


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Qualifying products for program are available only on the worlds Climate Exchanges. There are always new climate exchanges becoming available to facilitate specific country requirements. At the present time however, the following are currently available for trading:

  • Australian Climate Exchange;
  • Bluenext (France);
  • Chicago Climate Exchange (USA);
  • Eurex (Germany);
  • European Climate Exchange (UK);
  • Montreal Climate Exchange (Canada);
  • Tianjin Climate Exchange (China);

To participate in the Global Climate Managed Account Program, you are requested to contact a representative of the company who will discuss with you the merits of the investment program.

More fundraising info to be provided ASAP.